The “UAEC Way”

At UAEC -UM6SS American English Center-, we believe in the power of you as an individual and your ability to achieve what you want and succeed. That is why every student or candidate in our programs is considered the most important and respected part of the UAEC family. Our caring, nurturing and supportive network of highly qualified teachers, along with UM6SS professional student services staff will provide a unique and superior learning environment that will enable you to achieve your goals in a timely manner and without wasting time. At the UAEC we keep our classroom size fairly small so that teachers can give the maximum personal attention to every student and give each member of the class an opportunity to practically participate in every activity and a chance to interact with the teacher and classmates.

In addition to that, all our programs are designed (and sometimes tailored) with your learning needs in mind. Our teaching philosophy goes hand in hand with the guidance and strategies of our main office in Tampa, and was developed using the latest theories and research-based approaches to language learning and teaching that focus on providing many successful learning outcomes for every student, giving him or her a chance to excel and achieve his/her goals and better serve the nation.

Constructivism Approach. At UAEC, we believe that you are in charge of your own learning. You learn and digest the materials when you take the initiative of participating actively in the learning process. By doing this, you create your own understanding of new information and add it to what you already know, and therefore broaden your lexicon in regard to the English language repertoire.

  • Collaborative Learning. Team work has always proven to be a key to success, i.e you learn better when you have to work together with other students or with your classmates to accomplish a task. As an immediate monitor, your teacher knows that everyone has a different way of doing things and plans opportunities for you to demonstrate your learning abilities and capabilities.
  • Communicative Learning. At UAEC, we believe that the ability to appropriately communicate with others is in itself an ultimate goal. Hence, it is obvious that you learn more deeply when you have to interact with other students or classmates and share the new information you’ve learned. You interact when you listen or speak to someone, read what they’ve written, or write to them.
  • Task and Project-based Learning. Our approach in regard to actual practice is ¨Hands on Task¨, i.e you will not know if you’ve learned the new information well until you have to practically “do” something with it…solve a problem, develop a new way of doing something, or create an intellectual product. Therefore, we encourage you to actually take the initiative and do something with the information or materials you have digested.
  • Integrated Skills Learning. Mastering the basics of the language is fundamental and crucial. Hence, you can’t speak to someone if you can’t understand what they’re saying back to you. Moreover, you can’t create a sentence without grammar or vocabulary. In the real world, all the skills are used together in order to be able to formulate comprehensible sentences or utterances. That’s how you’ll learn them.
  • Learning vs. Teaching. At the UAEC, we focus on ¨Student Centered¨ teaching approach, i.e you are the center of learning or the focus of learning. In other words, you will notice that in each class, and every day, the teacher plans a learning activity and guides you through it, step by step, until you can do it yourself. As an immediate monitor, the teacher is there to help and support you, to encourage you and give you a chance to practice and participate in class activities, and give you feedback. Therefore, in order to be successful in your learning journey, we would like you to always keep in mind and remember this formula: ¨Nobody can teach you; only you can learn¨.
  • Critical Thinking and Reflection. There is no doubt that ¨Critical Thinking¨ is the corner stone of learning. Therefore, you learn best when you have to judge the work you and other students have created and think about the process you went through to create it. UAEC is very keen on making our students achieve this because these are actually the “21st century skills” that all American universities want in their students.

UM6SS created an adorable atmosphere and learning environment for you. Hence, you are the center of UAEC’s approach to learning the English language. Everything we do is designed to help students achieve success and reach their goals. We realize and are fully aware that many factors can affect the learning needs and habits of our students. Some of those factors may either be internal (personal), or external. With this in mind, our years of experience teaching students from around the world have enabled us to build excellent programs that provide the most value and benefit to the student.

UAEC’s curriculum combines English language learning with American cultural learning. Reference to the Moroccan culture, heritage and socio-cultural surroundings will also be often mentioned. From the start of your language study journey, we help you develop ALL the necessary linguistic skills (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening as well as Grammar) you will need for success at a university setting or a better job. Language skills are practiced using the same kinds of tasks you will actually do when in university classroom or a work environment, and the target is to help you attain the minimum and even the maximum to get to the English proficiency level required at work place.

A major part of our curriculum is task-based learning activities that help give you an American cultural awareness. These take you outside the classroom where you are supposed to do readings and writing activities through which you can learn how the various parts of American society looks like, and how Americans live, work, study, and play and the things they consider important. By understanding American lifestyles and values, you will discover the beauty of your own culture and heritage which will make you feel proud of who you are. Moreover, you will feel more comfortable living and studying in any country abroad and be more successful during your studies or work journey.

UAEC believes that your personal growth is as important as language learning while you are with us. Therefore, we provide social activities that are also a part of our curriculum, not separate from it. They are a subject of study, as well as something to do either in the library, or within the university premises. Our teachers often provide class activities to help you meet and get to know students from other regions and other international students (conversation partners) who can help you, at first, and then possibly become your friends.

As you can see, the UAEC does all it can to meet ALL your needs and assist you during your studies. We consider every student part of our UAEC family.

UM6SS American English Center’s accredited Intensive English Program (IEP) on campus and online is designed to offer the best learning experiences and support to English learners to meet their needs for their academic purposes. UAEC offers five proficiency levels of intensive English language instruction: Preparatory or Foundation English (Level 1), Elementary (Level 2), Intermediate (Level 3), Advanced (level 4), and an optional level which is Advanced Conversation & Communication (level 5). All six course levels, from Preparatory to Advanced Conversation & Communication are part of the Intensive English Program. Students graduate upon successful completion of Level 4, but they have the option of taking level 5 if they wish.

Our General English Program is also called Pathway Intensive English Program, specializes in providing English language instruction for students who wish to attend an American university or college for their undergraduate and graduate studies. Mission Search has partnerships with many excellent colleges and universities across the United States. UAEC provides international students with a way to enter undergraduate and graduate programs at its partner universities in the U.S. upon graduation from our IEP. Some of our partners may agree that graduation from Level 5 satisfies their English language proficiency requirements for admission and may waive the TOEFL, IELTS, or other standardized English test. The UAEC graduation certificate may assure the institution that the student possesses the English language skills or language proficiency necessary to access a university, or succeed at the university leve

  • Each level consists of 8 to 12 weeks, up to 22 hours of instruction per week (depending on class distribution, schedules, and facilities availability), Monday through Saturday.
  • Skills learned for each level: Listening & Speaking, Grammar, Reading, and Writing.
  • Experiential Learning activities designed for students to experience culture in different settings.
  • American and Moroccan cultural activities, and extracurricular social events throughout each session.
  • Overall grade of 60% or higher to be promoted to the next level.
  • Students must attend the minimum of 90% per level in order to be promoted to the next level.
  • Level 5 graduates earn an UAEC certificate of Intensive English Program completion.
  • UAEC applies open enrollment throughout the year, and completion of the online pre-registration form is required.

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