Position: Consultant indépendant en santé communautaire et renforcement des capacités des ONGs
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Santé Publique
Domaine d’intérêt particulier en Santé Publique et Management de la Santé
Epidémiologie, Démographie, hygiène publique et lutte contre les maladies
Fonction avant le Master
Consultant indépendant
Fonction Actuelle
Consultant indépendant en santé communautaire et renforcement des capacités des ONGs
Auto entrepreneur

I am an independent consultant for more than 7 years, with specialty in supporting Civil Society Organisations involved in HIV/Aids response in HIV prevention projects management and key population community mobilization. I participated in supporting CCMs in terms of governance and reinforcing community system. I am an expert in working with key populations in HIV prevention projects and in CCMs. I am also a trainer in health topics with NGOs and UN agencies. I work for NGOs, ministry of health and UN agencies. I have a Master in project Management form ESIG (Ecole Supérieure Internationale de Gestion). I have a Master- degree on Public Health in Health sciences Mohammed VI University, Public Health International School. I plan to studies and research on Community Health. I have just joined the Community of Practice on Community Health, as an international community of researchers, community workers and others.

I have more than 9 years of experience on community-based associations and key population’s capacity building in the field of HIV prevention in the regions of Morocco.
I worked for seven years with AMSED as national development association involved in STI/HIV/Aids in partnership with HIV International Alliance in UK. I have worked in this association as program officer and i have improved. I have worked then as technical adviser. I worked also for two years for BTC Belgian Development Agency as the fight against STI and HI/Aids program officer.
My previous positions have allowed me to participate in training workshops on various themes (Monitoring & evaluation, Peer Education with MSM, female sex workers community mobilisation…) and international conferences in the world (, most of African states like Senegal, Burkina Faso, Madagascar, Tunisia, Algeria, Asia like Sri Lanka, India and Thailand and Canada). I ‘m fluent in Arabic, French and I can work easily in English environment.

At educational level, i have a licence on linguistic in French language. I have also applied licence on video art, in Casablanca.

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Université Mohammed VI des Sciences de la Santé
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