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Pr Fadila GUESSOUS – Head Of Pedagogical Affairs.

The establishment of Mohammed VI Anglophone Medical Studies at UM6SS in 2021 was based on the University original mission and vision to raise Medical Studies and research in Morocco to a more global level, to educate and train physicians and researchers who are well-prepared to function in and meet the 21 Century challenges of the ever-changing medicine.

As outlined in UM6SS Pedagogical Charter, in this New Anglophone Medical Studies program, we are adopting the latest, cutting-edge learning and teaching methods while maintaining excellence in medical studies. These methods include Blended Learning, Collaborative learning and teaching, problem-solving, synchronous and asynchronous learning, to name but a few. We use highly innovative modes of instruction that are more outcome-based, research-driven, student-centered.

UM6SS Anglophone Medical Studies program is in line with the latest National pedagogical Standards (NPS), validated by CNSES on May 26, 2015, reviewed on May 2017 with a view to the application of the New Reform of medical studies, and also the social responsibility and requirements of the basic standards of the international benchmarks of accreditation of medical studies.

The Anglophone Medical Studies Program strives to meet international and intercultural standards and openness through:

– Our professors and faculty members, who are experts with solid experience and background in medicine medical studies, teaching, research and publications.
– Our international, Anglophone professors of British, American, Indian and other nationalities with broad experience and expertise.
– Our international, Anglophone professors of British, American, Indian and other nationalities with broad experience and expertise.
– Our visiting international lecturers from different cultural settings.
– Students Exchange programs with American and British universities.
– Our administrative staff, responsible for the support of students, who have been educated in US, and who possess a broad understanding of cultural differences
– Our students themselves as they come from different social, educational and cultural backgrounds.

We are proud to emphasize that during your Anglophone medical studies and through an integrated approach, you will acquire medical knowledge, skills and competencies for your future medical career.

UM6SS Mohammed VI Anglophone Faculty of Medicine educates and inspires students to be exemplary physicians and scientists, leaders in medicine, scholars in research, and adopters of innovative technology to improve the health and well-being of all.

Our patient-centered mission is achieved by outstanding medical care and services, groundbreaking research, and leading edge medical and biomedical education. UM6SS Mohammed VIAnglophone Faculty of Medicine strives to achieve academic excellence and international recognition through its attention to learning and teaching, research and publications, social services. The university also prioritizes the personal growth of its students, resulting in greater innovation and productivity for the benefit of society and the nation as a whole.


Our mission is to provide world-class medical education, producing competent, ethical, and highly skilled physicians. As a student at the Faculty of Medicine, you will benefit from a stimulating and collaborative learning environment, supervised by an experienced and passionate teaching team.

Our medical education program is designed to meet the challenges and demands of modern medical practice. We emphasize the acquisition of solid scientific knowledge, the development of advanced clinical skills and the promotion of essential human and ethical values in the doctor-patient relationship.

In addition to the academic aspects, we strive to train doctors aware of societal issues and able to contribute to improving the health of communities. At the Faculty of Medicine of the Mohammed VI University of Sciences and Health, we are also committed to innovative medical research. We encourage our students to participate in exciting research projects, collaborate with experts in the field, and push the frontiers of medical knowledge.


As a student of the Faculty of Medicine of the Mohammed VI University of Sciences and Health, you will benefit from modern facilities, well-equipped laboratories and access to the latest technological advances. Our learning environment promotes interaction, the exchange of ideas and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Our University also offers our students the opportunity to do internships from the first year in hospitals in our ecosystem as well as partner hospitals and internships in the International Center Mohammed VI for Simulation in Science and Health (CIM6S) in addition hospital internship.

We are proud of our diverse and engaged student community, passionate about medicine and determined to make a difference in healthcare.

Join us at the Faculty of Medicine of the Mohammed VI University of Sciences and Health and prepare for an excellent medical training that will open the doors to a rewarding and rewarding career.

Together, we can shape the future of medicine and contribute to a healthier world.

The course of medical studies is spread over six years and takes place over 12 semesters :

Semesters S1 to S4 are preclinical and fundamental semesters. They are reserved for the teaching of basic scientific modules and preclinical fundamental sciences. They include an immersion course in the health system in S1 and an immersion course in social medicine in S3. These internships are intended to sensitize the student early in the medical course to certain important aspects of his future function.

Semesters S5 to S10 combine part-time hospital internships and theoretical teaching aimed at acquiring and developing clinical skills.

The semesters from S11 to S12 are devoted to full-time internships. During these 2 semesters, the student will pass 5 compulsory internships (Medicine, Surgery, Gyneco-Obstetrics, Pediatrics and Public Health), he will also have to pass clinical examinations on the past internships except for Public Health.

During the same year he will have to prepare his thesis for the doctorate in medicine.

The medical internship competition is open to students from the validated 5th year.

The residency competition : resident on title for interns (2 years) / specialty competition open to doctors of medicine.


To be able to pass the entrance exam to the Anglophone Faculty of Medicine, you must have a scientific baccalaureate with a general average greater than or equal to 13/20 and a calculated average (75% of the general average of the national examination and 25% of the general average of the regional examination) greater than or equal to 12/20.

The documents requested are as follows:

· Legalized copy of the Baccalaureate diploma and/or certificate of achievement;

· Legalized copy of the baccalaureate transcript;

· Legalized copy of the CNIE “for Moroccans” or Passport/Residence card “for international students”;

· 2 Pictures; Legalized declaration of honor (available on this link);

· Equivalence of the foreign baccalaureate diploma to be provided at the time of final registration;

· Competition fee of 1500 DH.

Your registration for the Common Access Competition is conditional on meeting the requirements in force (Access threshold, administrative documents, downloading of the required documents).

NB: Any file that is incomplete or does not meet the requirements will be rejected and will not be entitled to any reimbursement of the competition fees.

To begin the application process, please carefully follow the steps below :

Step 1 : Create a candidate account Go to our online application platform at the following address :

Create a candidate account by providing your required personal information. You will then receive a username and password to access your candidate space.

Step 2 : Fill in personal and academic information

Log in to your candidate account and carefully fill in all the sections relating to your personal and academic information. Be sure to provide accurate and complete information, including your educational background, transcripts, and any other documents requested.

Step 3 : Choice of application streams

Select the courses in which you wish to apply. You can choose one or more majors, depending on your interests and academic goals. Be sure to carefully review the specific prerequisites for each stream before making your choices.

Step 4 : Submission of the documents

Submit a legalized version of the aforementioned documents to one of the UM6SS campuses: UM6SS – Anfa City site: Bd Mohammed Taïeb Naciri, Commune Hay Hassani 82 403 Casablanca. UM6SS – Arab League Site: Ali Bnou Abi Taleb Street, Arab League Park District Casablanca.

Step 5 : Payment of contest fees

To finalize your application, please pay the competition fees which amount to 1500 Dhs.

NB: Candidates for the Anglophone Faculty of Medicine also take an English test on the same day as the joint competition.

We thank you for your interest in our university and for your commitment to completing your application file.

Please note that the deadline for submitting applications is mentioned on our online application platform. After this date, applications cannot be considered.

We wish you good luck in your application process and hope to welcome you among our students.

Address :

2nd Floor, UM6SS – Anfa City – Boulevard Mohammed Taïeb Naciri, Commune Hay Hassani 82 403 Casablanca, Morocco

Phone :

+212 (05) 29 03 57 67

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